Pension Tiffany Logo, Bled Slovenia

For more than 1000 years we had admired the most beautiful view.

The fabulous beauty of lake Bled has for millennia attracted people's gaze with its miraculous power. "Carniola County holds no nicer place than this second Eden, full of charm and grace".

The islet in the middle of the lake was frequented as early as in prehistory. Later on, the Old Slavs worshipped Zhiva, the goddess of love and fertility, on it. A millennium ago, on April10th, 1004, the place Bled was mentioned for the very first time in the deed according to which the German Emperor Henrik II donated the place to Albuin, the Bishop of Brixen.

Bled gained its international reputation mostly due to its sanatorium, founded by the Swiss hydropathist Arnold Rikli, who lived and worked here for more than half a century. Bled, which was in the early 20th century the finest health resort in the Austrian empire, attracted numerous members of the European aristocratic elite. After World War II, one of the most beautiful protocolary residences of the former state stood here, and the beauties of Bled were enjoyed by most prominent people from all over the World. In the last few decades the place has been discovered by “the new age pilgrims”, to whom Bled and its surroundings can always offer something new…

Bled is situated on the edge of Triglav National Park, the only one of this kind in Slovenia.

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